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In Press


    1. High-throughput approaches for screening and analysis of cell behaviors
      JM Seo, JY Shin, J Leijten, O Jeon, G Camci-Unal, AD Dikina, K Brinegar, AM Ghaemmaghami, E Alsberg*, A Khademhosseini*
      Biomaterials, 153, 85-101
    2. Chemical and physical pathways for the fabrication of flexible superamphiphobic surfaces with high transparency and its recent developments
      BN Sahoo, KR Yoon, JM Seo*, TY Lee* (*Co-corresponding author)

      Coatings, 8(2), 47
    3. Hybrid functional microfibers for textile electronics and biosensors
      BN Sahoo, BW Choi, JM Seo, TY Lee*
      Journal of Semiconductors, 39 (1), 011009 (2018)
    4. A single-droplet multiplex bioassay on a robust and stretchable extreme wetting substrate through vacuum based droplet manipulation
      H Han, JS Lee, H Kim, S Shin, J Lee, J Kim, X Hou, SW Cho, JM Seo*, TY Lee* (*Co-corresponding author)
      ACS Nano, 12(2), 932-941 (2018)
    5. Electrically driven microengineered bio-inspired soft robots
      SR Shin*, B Migliori, B Miccoli, YC Li, P Mostafalu, JM Seo, S Mandla, A Enrico, S Antonia, R Sabarish, T Zheng, P Lorenzo, K Zhang, YS Zhang, K Wan, D Danilo, MR Dokmeci, A Khademhosseini*
      Advanced Materials, 30(10), 1704189






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