[Conference]: IUMARS-ICAM 2015 - International Conference on Advanced Materials, ICC Jeju, Republic of Korea

2015-11-12 02:28
Form Oct. 25th to Oct. 29th, the conference was held in ICC Jeju, Republic of Korea.

Mr. Benedict Kang and Mr. Keon Yong Lee had their debut oral presentations with the following titles at an international conference, IUMRS-ICAM 2015.

"Quantitative Molecular Profiling for Prostate Cancer Stratification" by Benedict Kang et al.

"A Biocompatible Protein Nanoprobe: Ferritin-AcGFP" by Keon Yong Lee et al.

Mr. Gun Hyuk Jang and Mr. Sungwook Park posted their posters and presented their recent research works and scientific findings.

"Sensitive and Biocompatible Organic Nanoprobes Composed of Fluorescent Protein and Ferritin" by Gun Hyuk Jang et al.

"Magnetic Hyperthermia with MgMnFe2O4 Superparamagnetic Nanoferrite for Melanoma under Low AC Magnetic Field" by Sungwook Park et al.