[Welcome]: BnML welcomes new members

2015-09-08 00:56
We welcome the new team members, Mr. Yongdeok Kim, Mr. Dongjin Lee, and Mr. Young-Hoon Kim.

Mr. Yongdeok Kim is from Hanyang University, Seoul, from which he received his undergraduate and master degrees.
His background is material engineering and he has joined our team with his extended interest in biomedical applications with his research and academic background.

Mr. Dongjin Lee went to Kyungpook National University, Daegu. He received his undergraduate and master degrees from the University.
He has research background in bioengineering and pharmarcology.
His hobbies are play the guitar and watching TV for his leisure time.

Mr. Young-Hoon Kim is from Seoul National University and studied material science and engineering for his undergraduate degree.
His favorite sport is basket ball.

Please, let us welcome the new team members.